Cast & Crew

Director and Writer

Sunitha Devadas is a journalist and videographer.


Jayanan Vincent is an Indian cinematographer. Jayanan is the son of veteran cinematographer/director, A. Vincent, and elder brother to Ajayan Vincent. He is known for his works predominantly in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood.

Male lead (MIKE)

Devinder Dave Dillon is an Indo-Canadian producer, distributer and actor. He is known for his work on Jatt & Juliet 2 (2013), Canadian Dream (2011) and High Moon (2014).

Female lead (ALICE)

Teresa Laverty is a Canadian actress, known for her roles in Lucifer (2015), A Legacy of Whining (2016) and The Mary Contest (2014).

Supporting actor (SACHIN)

Eric Kalsi is an Indo-Canadian actor from Vancouver

Two Furry Friends

Piper & Azrael are the two furry friends – Piper, a golden retriever and Azrael, a labrador – played the role of Roxy and Max in the movie.


Colyn Brisebois is our Editor

Production Coordinator

Kayvan Paymani coordinated the production works.

Sound Designer

Calhoun Owen is our sound designer.


The Vancouverite singer and songwriter, Stephanie Ratcliff wrote and sang the 2 melodious songs of the movie – “The One” & “Thinking of You”.


Trevor Tews is our gaffer. He also played a small role in movie.