Director’s Note

I am Sunitha Devadas, a permanent resident of Canada originally from Kerala, a culturally unique province in the south of India. A civil engineer by my academic qualification, I pursued post graduate diploma in Journalism and worked as a Journalist for the last 10 years in print, television and online media.

Journalism has always been a passion for me. I have realized that a socially committed person with an inclination for service can do significant work for the society through the fourth estate. I am proud to say I done remarkable work back home professionally and this helped me in turn to stay connected with society as a known journalist. I would like to attach my Facebook link for your observation, which obviously is in my regional language, Malayalam.

Sunitha Devadas FB Page:

Having moved to Canada, I decided to continue in an allied profession and studied video production at Nimbus School of Recording and Media and that is when I learned about the Storyhive Digital Shorts: Female Director Edition. STORYHIVE is for all British Columbia and Alberta-based content creators – filmmakers, artists, directors, writers, musicians, performers, and animators – to conceive and pitch their ideas for the Digital Shorts. I decided to seize the opportunity and submitted my multimedia application for my digital short concept to TELUS. TELUS in turn published the applications online and urged the public to vote for their favorite digital shorts to get funded. I was lucky enough to be 1 of 30 (15 in BC and 15 in Alberta) to get selected from over 280 applications and this also meant Telus provided a fund of $10,000 to produce my short movie “The Unconditional Love”.

I was blessed with an exceptional crew and outstanding actors and as a result our movie rose above and beyond my expectations. My classmate and friend, Kayvan Paymani coordinated the production works. The cinematography was done by the veteran cinematographer Jay Vincent ISC, while the 2 melodious songs of the movie – “The One” & “Thinking of You” were written and sung by the Vancouverite singer and songwriter, Stephanie Ratcliff. Mike and Alice, the lead pair of the movie were played by the graceful actors Devinder Dave Dillon and Teresa Laverty respectively. Two furry friends – Piper, a golden retriever and Azrael, a labrador – played the role of Roxy and Max in the movie. The role of Mike’s son, Sachin, was played by the spontaneous actor, Eric Kalsi.

After a week long of shoot we moved on with the post production works. Having completed it successfully thanks to our editor Colyn Brisebois and Sound Designer Calhoun Owen, we submitted it to Telus for publishing it on their website and Video on Demand on Optik TV.

The movie will go public on YouTube on February 6, 2017. I urge everyone to watch this movie and support us by casting a vote on the Storyhive website if you like the our work, which I am sure you would. Your vote might decide if we stand to win the Top Award in BC or not. The Top Award consists of an opportunity for customized career training and a scholarship to the Banff World Media Festival and this in turn will mean we get to take our careers to the next level. We really look forward to hearing from you all.

So, everyone please support us through your valuable views and votes.

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