STORY – The Unconditional Love

An extraordinary love story of two senior citizens – Mike and Alice. Mike is a 70-year-old writer who loves to spend most of his time with books.Alice is a dog trainer, who is passionate about dogs. One day Mike, a 70-year-old single guy, approaches Alice to train his pet, ‘Roxy’. The kindred spirits were drawn to each other and their love blossomed. In a strange coincidence, Max found love in ‘Roxy’, Mike’s pet. Two lonely souls found joy and love in each other’s company, and even their companions fell in love, making this movie unique and endearing. Mike and Alice rediscovered the joy of life, the sun shined brighter, the grass grew greener and the love all around made their life even more beautiful. Gone were the dull, lonely days and life turned into a gilded dream. Welcome to the beautiful, alluring world of “The Unconditional Love”